6:00a – Jeff hollers for me. We had agreed to go out to breakfast and do a couple of errands when we woke up. By 8:30 in the morning we’d been 4 places and returned home.

It is Father’s Day, and my Husband awoke to his son and I chucking cards at him on our way out the door. He fixed the toilet. I bought groceries, a sprinkler, and a linen sun hat (for me).

By one in the afternoon the real celebration of the day began. For me it began with an hour of pulling vines out of the trees. I did it in part to help, but in part because I love getting vines out of trees (when I’m in the right mood to ignore bugs and potential oogly-boogly).

Then came the man of the hour. First the easy tree, which was pulled over with a little additional ax work. The second tree happened while kiddo and I played in the sprinkler. The third tree was the main point of the day, as it was encroaching over the house.

He didn’t use a chain saw. When he climbed the tree he didn’t tie in. When his shoulder made him roar he didn’t stop. He just did what he needed to do to keep the house safe, his wife safe, his kid safe. It was hot, and it was hard, and it sure as hell wasn’t a ball game or grilling up some tofu dogs.

I know that he took down a bunch of trees before we met (a LONG time ago), I’ve seen him do it from time to time and it always scares me some – but less so as time goes on. Today, when he finally got everything to ground I got to do something to help. I grabbed a 12 foot length of tree and dragged it where it needed to go, and then I went and grabbed another one.

I’m blistered and sliced up from the vines, but I did a bit to help at the beginning and then end, and it was genuine.

He’s a good man. He’s a good dad. He’s a good husband. He has a lot of confused deer in the front yard because it looks a lot different than yesterday.