For 50 weeks it was just a good life.  People, work, situations, locations, and food that I loved all around me.  In a lot of ways it was like the year before with many of those same things in my life – just a different location.  I dreaded the last week, after weeks of randomly bursting into tears I didn’t know how to prepare for the final week of LLV.

Then I heard Dave talking to Jeff about the week between when he left and when Jeff & I did.  He said it was mainly a normal vacation week.  I … didn’t like it and it put too much pressure on me to be normal.  Then I gave it some thought –

It IS a week that we would likely have picked for a normal vacation week/end.

We are living out of suitcases.

We are doing extraordinary things to see people.

Neither of us remember what a vegetable looks like – MUCH less the last time we ate one.

I am focused on making sure there is one genuinely Jeff-centric thing a day.

We are getting silly and dedicated to strange things and ideas.

Jeff ate blueberry pie at breakfast today.

The idea that I might cook a meal is laughable.

I paid $15 for a picture in front of a green screen which then had Lego Batman filled in behind us.

I don’t know if it will work like this for the rest of the holiday weekend, but it turns out that Dave is right – we’re on vacation, celebrating in a place we love and when it is over – we’ll go home.