My man loves structure – so he totally supported the idea of doing my version of a wedding with no guests, no rules, and the only music was on an iPod with headphones.

My man loves the house he built with his own two hands – so when we had a window of time to construct a long long vacation in a place far from home … he suggested we see if we could make it happen.

My man loves his students – but when LLV came together he told them, “I’ll be back” and gave his all to a whole new group of students who loved him and his style.

My man loves his son – so when one thing led to another and there were two times that there were two week stretches of Boys Week he said, “OK.”  When I said that I would miss our son too much if I was gone for three weeks, that I wanted to take our son with me, he said, “OK”.

My man loves peace and quiet – when I suggested a bit of spring break should be spent in Loud and Crazy Town and the associated water parks, he said yes and suited up to play in the water.  He even tagged on a bit of his own fun at the end.

My man loves me, and I love him.  I just want to say that I am lucky and I am grateful.