Dear The Big Bang Theory  – Sheldon and Amy are one of the best couples in television today.  Please continue to give Amy the patience to wait because she and Sheldon should be endgame.  The D&D game is so wonderful and perfect and THANK YOU.  Even more so that Leonard & Penny and I *really* like them as a couple.

Dear Doctor Who – Series 702 has been a huge misfire for me, I’m not grooving on Clara and I hope that what looks like resolution actually was one.  I love Moffat as a writer, but an article that discusses him as a writer v show runner has some really valid points in it.  Mainly – that he should write and let someone else run the show.  That said there were moments in the series finale that I have already watched a half dozen times, that are finally WORTH rewatching.  Thank you.  It was a great kiss.  I am pleased.

Dear Glee – Oh I am so on the fence you guys, please don’t mess up the season opener.  He needs to put his hand back in his pocket.