If I had a dollar for every woman that I know that has said, “If I had an hour / day / week I could get this house whipped into SHAPE!” I would be able to hire a twice-a-week cleaning lady.

I am in the rare circumstance where I have had not a day, not a week, but TWO WEEKS where I was the ONLY person inside this house.  Let me tell you how “whippin’ it into shape” really goes.

First night – travel night, no expectations of accomplishment.

Second night – disorienting quiet so check the locks one more time and read / watch movie until it is time to sleep.

Third through Tenth night – pretty much just living life the way you did back in the day when you were routinely by yourself.

Eleventh night – kick up so much dust in the house that you can barely breathe and you hate yourself a little for not taking your contacts out before you started.

Last couple of nights – chillin’ with your friends because you are the “free wheelin’ mock single gal”.

My house is not whipped into shape.  The local goodwill is not awash in my useful refuse.  The dump will not be awash in my non-useful refuse. My life has clutter and things I keep around for no reason.  Turns out I’m ok with that.