I don’t garden for food or for beauty, not formally or informally.  I just don’t garden.  Sometimes I want to, but it is not a long term priority for me and it never gets past a manic planting of annuals in the spring or fall (but rarely both in the same year).

Which is why it surprises me that the most consistent and breathtakingly beautiful place I have visited during LLV is a garden store called Blumen Gardens.   When people have visited I’ve taken them so they could enjoy it.  Today, visiting for what may be the last time during LLV I burst into tears just looking at the gnome collection.



The picture on my phone when I hit the home button is “Happy Dog” who I waited too long to buy last year, and their statuary hasn’t been refilled yet this spring.  I got the decorations for my holiday party (living and …. decorative) there.   I am basically going to hand carry the ceramic birds and wind chime back from LLV.  The fairy town display is revised and larger than last year (or maybe it is just larger in the spring?).




The place is just magical.  It changes all the time.  Excellent plants, and head swimmingly beautiful displays from Retro & Shabby, through every design concept a gardener might want.  Not only the decorations but the plants, natives and imported stuff, food and flower.  It leaves me kind of speechless and breathless and understanding (finally) about the sense of magic that people with a thousand tea lights at their wedding are trying to achieve.

The designer there is versatile and …. and I just love that place.  I’m glad we’ll be able to visit it when we return.

When you want garden inspiration, where do you go?