First in some of the LLV wrap-up I’m doing for myself and you in the next few weeks.

The house we have lived in is awash in natural light and outside air.  Windows on three sides, nothing sealed tight, no central air and baseboard heat.  More than any other year in a long time I FELT the seasons.  It was hot, or cold, or humid in a way very similar to the outside.  In the summer I wore tank tops and hitched up dresses, in the winter I wore everything I owned (including my slippers to bed).  I marveled that people with less means had to endure so much more at either extreme.

What I specifically didn’t have was an entire year where the majority of my day was spent between 68-72 degrees.  From my cooled house, to my cooled car, to my cooled job and back again.  Working didn’t entail wearing a long sleeve shirt in August, and it was cooler to be outside in the evening than it was to stay inside.

Right now I am trying to capture a way to continue to feel the seasons after LLV is over.  Thinking about thermostats and clothing and expectations.  It is so clear right now as I run errands at 4:45 to see  the women who are coming from work in an office setting.  Well painted toes in cute sandals, black slacks, a brightly colored shirt, a cardigan or something else to keep the chill off in the office.  They are well put together, they are embracing the season as they can, they are taking care of the stuff that needs taking care of.

I hope, a little unrealistically perhaps, that I will remember that the evenings feel so much better when they happen outside.  I want my toes to be well painted, and a little dirt ground into my heels.