My son has an amazing tolerance for pain.  Truly spectacular when it comes to internal body workings.  He had about a dozen ear infections when he was younger and never once pulled on his ears or complained that they hurt.  I knew he had an ear infection when he ran a fever and was un-charming to be around.  

Knowing that about my son, one would think that when he actually started to complain of pain that I’d perk right up and take it seriously.  I did, just not quite seriously enough, and he was in day 3 of strep before I took him to the doctor.

Then we started Strep Camp.  While usual Mommy Camp involves visiting and adventures – strep camp involves FIVE HOURS of Bananas in Pyjamas, chocolate milkshakes delivered right to you, skipping out on the lentil, rice, & veggie meal for cold pizza instead, AND two long grandma visits.  Actually, if I could pick a show that wasn’t Bananas in Pyjamas … hmmmmmm  ((knock on wood))

Bonus moment from the start of Strep Camp.  At 4.75 he threw up for the first time.  It was a pretty easy introductory experience, he turned his head to me afterwards and said, “What was THAT?!”.  Then he got a drink of water and went to play in his room.