Week One.  Mommy Camp.  I don’t even remember the first part of it at all.  I do remember the indoor water park with great fondness, the loud chaos and falsely warm sunshine of a midwestern midwinter.

Week Two.  Washington DC.  A great adventure, good travel companions, interesting work, and missing the cherry blossoms by TWO DAYS.

Weeks 3 & 4.  Home base with my friends and my work but without my guys.  Thank goodness for Skype, airplanes, and the newest issue of EW with a full page picture of Benedict Cumberbatch (ok, that isn’t the EW picture but who cares).

I came home on Friday and had 90 seconds of gleeful son and then he went basically back to normal.  The treat dinner planned for my return (including the house favorite “bowl of french fries”) was devoured and then there we were, all back to normal.

Saturday was spent indulging in the amazing STEM organization of the local university and playing around with Star Wars stuff at the library.  Lunch at our favorite spot (that reminds us of home base).

It has been such a dense and intense four weeks that I don’t remember parts of it and it absolutely flew by.  Then I look at the calendar and see it – six weeks left.  No joke kids, LLV is nearly over.

It’s going to be ok, but the world is dense with plans and wishes and feelz.