Ok.  I’m only buying them if they have at least some New York story line.  The Thursday episode I won’t watch until Friday or Saturday this week.  I’m writing this before it airs but I cannot imagine that Rachel gets a Broadway lead right away.  Then I see the Kate Hudson pictures and I’m not so sure.  There is only one story line I really care about, but the New York stuff (as contrived as it might be) is interesting enough.

Doctor Who.

I’m so torn about this right now.  I keep waiting for Clara to illicit some sort of feeeeellllzzzz from me.  It may be my personal ambient stress level but it isn’t happening so far.  I didn’t even make it through The Rings of Akhaten, although I will likely try again at some point.  I’m excited about the 50th anniversary season.  I’m excited to see what Moffet is going to do with Clara (which I think will be exceptional) but I’m ready for him to GET ON WITH IT.  Also.  River.  Need more River.

Other geeky stuff …

Hmmmmmmm, actually pretty low on the geek right now. Haven’t seen the new Tabletop yet because my wifi can’t hang right at the moment.

What geek stuff are you loving right now?  How are you feeling about Glee and Doctor Who?