The fields near my mom’s house are so covered over in water right now there are little whitecaps when the wind blows.  It wasn’t even squishy when I left, and it feels like I’ve been gone a long time.

The ground near the house is covered over in pollen, it drifts on the stoop and makes my face swell so much my glasses squeeze.  I’ve mowed the lawn, but it needs it again.  It seems like I’ve been here a long time.

I’m covered over in the expectations I’ve chosen for myself, and the emotions that come with this time of this year.  I’ve got a lot of new stuff happening and a lot of hard work that needs to be done.  I almost never do a good job pacing my energy but it already seems like I’ve got a marathon behind me.  This isn’t a marathon now, the end of LLV is just a 5K up a hill in the heat of summer — doable — by the fool hardy.

I’m covered over (alternately) in silence and in music.  Both let the back of my brain work through the goings on, but sometimes the music helps because then I can add my loud, thin, slightly sharp/flat voice to the mix.

Alice believes six impossible things before breakfast.

The army does more before 8am then most people do all day.

I am loud, and silent, and covered over — but I’m relentless.