Bodies are awesome and very cool.

Now – before you say, “Yes, bodies as an idea are awesomecakes but my PERSONAL body is … eh” or worse … let me tell you that midwestern / midwinter is the perfect time to remember that bodies are REAL and STRANGE and AWESOME.

Babies is swim diapers, 5 year olds with suits riding in all the wrong places, teenagers getting their swagger, the 22-48 year old parents of kids who are 4 years-old, grandmas with toes that do that grandma toe thing.  We have all got bodies that are perfect for playing at the indoor swimming water extravaganza that is the Wisconsin Dells Wilderness Territory (for my southern friends  perhaps the best way to describe it is as the love child of Pigeon Forge + Chattanooga).

People are covered in tattoos that are precious no matter what they look like, dimples and hair that nobody predicted when they were 20, and smiles all around.  Smiling at each other.  Smiling at their kids, smiling at their parents.  Smiling at strangers as they pass by.  Eating dishes of ice cream as big as their head, everybody smiling because there is the chance that spring will come again.

Bodies are built to move and splash and walk surprising long distances while still in a hotel.  It was great.  Bodies are awesome.  Yours is.  Don’t forget that, bring your body into the springtime sun and feel the warmth of having made it through another winter.