If you tell me you are in love, I will believe you.

Even when it is not a love that I recognize – or would ever want for myself.  Tell me you are in love and I believe you.

For the first time ever, I listened to SCOTUS testimony.  I needed a color commentator – but I tried.  If I can find it again tomorrow I will try again as they listen to another case I care about.  It was interesting and strange, but mainly it was interesting.  My favorite part was when they tried (in a bickering sense) to figure out when homosexual marriage was UNconstitutional.  The interesting idea, that except where it was banned it may somehow be intact without anybody noticing it. (or something.  I think – I am SO not a lawyer y’all).

In the end, for me, it boils down to this.  Conversationally, legally, socially, politically there is capital to be gained by being “married”.  I am fortunate in that I am attracted to the opposite gender – so this works out ok for me.  Without a religious affiliation, my concerns about being right in the eyes of G-d are non-existant.

I would love to understand (in a genuinely humble way) to understand how a G-d that might be ok with two same-gendered people living together for 25 years would somehow be angry about the word marriage.  Or if that G-d was already pissed about living together, what the difference in being married would be.

I want the people that I love, and the people I have never met before, and the people in between, to be able to say (if they choose to) I am married.

Tomorrow is DOMA.  I believe I am on the right side of history, and I hope the SCOTUS is too.