Moments of geek recently –

1.  Today I was a middle aged woman in a Doctor Who t-shirt shooting baskets in a rousing game of one-on-none at the YMCA.  I was awesome, and clearly why basketball was invented in the first place.

2.  I sat at B&N in a sweaty Doctor Who t-shirt eating a “grilled cheese pretzel” (g-dd-mn those are good) reading Doctor Who magazines.  Accidentally.

3.  The Klaine storyline on Glee is the only storyline I care about so the last two episodes have made me obsessively happy.  They also *made* me rent Moulin Rouge and I STILL get chills during Roxanne.

3a.  Tango spins.  D@MN.

4.  Sigh.  Klaine.

5.  I saw a Big Bang Theory shirt (specifically Sheldon and the word Bazinga) hanging next to a Justin Beiber shirt in a local store.  I wanted to rescue Sheldon (as I so often do).

Geek life is good.


If you have never watched the clip before, it is very sexually aggressive and might be upsetting for some.