Last month I said

My subconscious is just busy. I’m getting ready to reveal a new involvement of mine that I am incredibly excited about, I am planning a silly thing that I’d like to resolve this spring, I’ve got a big professional project that is new, I’m trying to embrace the last few months of long long vacation, there is just a lot of stuff happening right now.

All of that is true.  Some of it more so, and some of it less so.

Let’s see.  The “new involvement”.  I am very proud to have become the acquaintance of Denise who runs and  I am volunteering with her at as a Community Manager.  She developed the aftergiving project as a result of watching caregivers struggle through the post-caregiving transition. is a great community if you tend to a loved one – aftergiving is tremendous if you are processing a loss of loved one and a loss of role at the same time.

Also, she let me be on her podcast, and I will be again this week.  I do love a microphone.  Also, we’re working on a book together – so that is cool.

I might also have been talking about the other blog (because I rarely run one at a time).  It is my hobby take on healthcare, because as much as I am entertained that my husband’s profession, hobby, and mental distraction are all the same thing …. my profession and hobby are both the same too.

The “silly thing” yeah, that isn’t ready yet.  I wonder if it ever will be, but I’m going to keep trying on that one.

The “professional project” … that one came apart for a lot of good reasons.  It will wait until June or so and then hopefully get a kick in the pants and restart.

When I wrote this a few weeks ago I thought I had sense of what was coming up for me in the next few months.  I was wrong, but in wonderful ways.

Because, you see, my dad and my son are making a workbench together and that only happens within the context of LLV.