I’ve spent the day listening to, and thinking about, Amanda Fucking Palmer.

She did a TED talk today  and through twitter I watched her husband get nervous, giddy, and glowing about his lovely wife doing this big thing.

I like a lot of things about AFP, that she is my age and looks similar to me, that she is so bold, that she and her husband seem to adore each other so much, that she cut a tour short to bear witness to her friend who has cancer.  She makes stuff, her own way, and loudly but with quality.  She appears to fully own herself and knows that it is a gift for any PERSON to do the same.


I’ve spent the last two days waiting for Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day to make their big TableTop Announcement, and they finally did this morning.

I know about Felicia Day through watching Wil Wheaton and I adore them both for the same reason.  They are geeks, they felt strange about it for a long time and then they didn’t anymore.  The make stuff, and they are joyful in the making.  They know that making stuff is important for every person to do.


I make stuff too.