I have a list on my fridge right now.






The core actions that keep me healthy and moving along at the clip that I like.  It should also say “veggies” but it doesn’t.  I had a bit of a mid-winter jumble, but for a few weeks now I’ve been looking at my reminders and getting stuff done.  It has felt good, I’ve learned some stuff.  I’ve stripped down a few areas in my mind where I had built up silly rituals or let useless things live rent free and unexamined.

Tonight though I am just flitting around the internet and making myself twitchy.  Without cable I only know about the Oscars through the internet and I like knowing what is happening so that I can look “in touch with the outside world” when I’m talking to people tomorrow.  I’ve been deliberate enough about not just twitching on the internet like this that tonight it is uncomfortable.

I’ve seen the dresses, the list will be up tomorrow.  For tonight I’m going to bed after a little reading and writing.

….. huh.  Wordpress is suggesting the tag Helena Bonham Carter … maybe it was the mid-winter jumble?