Last night I made my son repeat after me … “Hey! Subconscious! While I am asleep, please wake me up BEFORE I pee instead of waiting. Thank YOU!” When the moment came in the dark of the night, his subconscious rose to the occasion and my son rose to go to the bathroom.

When I try to talk to my subconscious right now it snarls and waves me off, it sends Chirpy Silver Lining Girl to talk to me (wearing her Serious Face), it reminds me that YouTube exists and perhaps Glee / Doctor Who / The Big Bang Theory / Sherlock have posted the best thing ever.

It reminds me that the Harlem Shake exists and the one with the dryer is the BEST EVER (and officially signals the end of the meme I expect).

My subconscious is just busy. I’m getting ready to reveal a new involvement of mine that I am incredibly excited about, I am planning a silly thing that I’d like to resolve this spring, I’ve got a big professional project that is new, I’m trying to embrace the last few months of long long vacation, there is just a lot of stuff happening right now. There are shadows and scary things (there always are) but right now the “back” of my mind takes up about 80% of my mind.

So today, I leave the back of my mind to the hard work of helping me through life and I’m going to go see a show (right after I check YouTube one more time).