I am not a McDonald’s person- which means I am also not a McDonald’s parent. Most of the time. This post is NOT about McDs as much as it is about having fun with my kid.

Today is a Mommy Camp day. Sometimes we’ve done super fun things for Mommy Camp and others I just try to slap some lipstick on a pig and call it an adventure so that we have a mainly home day so I can work. Today there is a pretty pig sitting in our living room.

We went on Adventure Breakfast. We walked through our neighborhood, cut across the field, and sauntered into our local McDs for the first time. With an indoor playground AND Free Coffee Monday. We spent 90 minutes there – they have basketball hoops and a general climb around area. Jeff loved his McGriddle and my breakfast was awful but the coffee was good and free. We walked back home cracking the ice on the sidewalks as we went.

McDonalds is a lot like Disney – it can feel strange to be in a place so engineered to provide a good experience … but they engineer a good experience. I don’t think any food should be off limits and I’m super glad we went this morning

I had a really great time on Adventure Breakfast today.

P.S. I’m sure you’re curious so I’ll tell you the other major component of Mommy Camp today… son got to skip his bath last night to take a Super Long Bath today – instead of it being part of bedtime, I promised to keep warming up the tub water so he could play until he was genuinely done playing in the water.