Today was the Y-tri, a timed event at the local YMCA. It measured victories in total distance and there was a specific amount of time on each event (10 minutes swimming, 20 minutes on a spin bike, 15 minutes on a treadmill, run in heats). This YMCA is the most athletically diverse place I have ever worked out at and I enjoy that.

Idea #1– This is just a fun way to say triathlon and so this athletically diverse group will turn out for it.
Reality #1 – This is a dial-in event for the athletes of the town to figure out how well the did over the winter for spring races.

Idea #2– Swimming doesn’t matter too much, because it is a lot of energy, short times, and short (relative to biking) distances.
Idea #2a – The fact that I’m being respectful of my shoulder injury and not swimming / drowning won’t have that much of an impact.
Reality #2 – The difference between 6th & 7th in my age group was a distance I could easily swim.
Reality #2a – I was 7th.

Idea #3 – I can do this without feeling competitive about it, I haven’t trained much, I’m not even doing the swim, and I just want to go play with mom anyway.
Reality #3 – The only other time I have been this close to the bottom of the rankings was the Twilight 5k when my son was 8 months old, I ran with him in the WRONG kind of stroller, it was a dial-in race more than a neighborhood gig, and I was physically underprepared.

My head is well-trained to look for the bright side of things, and every time (so far) that it has started chirping away about silver linings I remind myself that we are out of wine and I need to fix that to drown out that chirpy little bitch.