[note: I am REALLY hopeful this clears up by Sunday]

I have spent a lot of time this month working on some physical goals. I have been preparing for 2 different triathlons – but don’t get all excited for me because they aren’t THOSE type of marathons.

Y-Tri – this is an indoor timed triathlon. 10 minutes swimming, 20 on the bike, 15 on the treadmill being scored on total distance. Since I am the high end of the 35-39 range there is no way I am going to be competitive in this, but I’m looking forward to having the experience.

Lazy Man Tri – I will have 5 weeks total to complete Ironman distances, 2.4 miles swimming, 119 miles biking, and 26.2 miles walk/running. I have about 10 days left in this one.

So today I went to get some swimming / biking / walking in. I biked and then the pool I like (they have two, one warm & lovely one and one personal circle of hell “competitive” pool). At the end of the first length my shoulder ……

I don’t know.

My shoulder done fell out.

It hurts, to move it, to lift with it, to do anything but look like a person who has been pulled up a bit lame.

Ice and Advil have been applied. If it still hurts I am publicly saying I will try not to do the stupid competitive thing and will sit out the swim on Sunday (it isn’t effective at total distance anyhow).

Here is the thing. Many years ago I injured my knee doing water aerobics, and now I seem to have jacked my good shoulder (the other one has a similar yet well established bonehead injury that is nearly 12 years old) in the pool.

I thought swimming was gentle — but as enjoyable as it is, I’m more of a splasher I think.

(also – totally not going to finish my distances in the lazy man… but I still want the shirt).