My day had kind of an absurdly early start. About 3 hours earlier than I expected, and a solid hour earlier than I can really function within.

By the time my day really got rolling I had made an important decision – today I would make no important decisions, I would take nothing too seriously, and I would be overly forgiving to those around me (because I knew I would be easy to offend).

The most difficult time to hold to my resolution was when my parents invited us to dinner (really, we all started absurdly early). We did go, albeit if it had been a first date we NEVER would have gotten a second date. Everybody behaved well, we had an easy meal, and then we were able to head home. I didn’t even need to be super forgiving because nobody had actually offended me.

I made some progress on some stuff, applied for a neat thing in Washington, DC to help look at patient engagement in research. I’ve applied before to be on the advisory group but it would be a fun thing to do.

There is less craft in these words than usual, that is ok. Wish us all sweet and deep dreams because tomorrow is another day.