My boy is 4.5 and overall he is charming as hell – but as Moxie points out there are times where disequilibrium comes into play and it is usually at the half-year mark. Jeff is 4.5 going on 45.

Things that have happened recently.
1. A drunken sea shanty sung to me while he sat on my lap and stroked my face. He sang of love, his favorite sweetheart, and his willingness to clean my butt someday before I die. Apparently the nursing home jokes have stuck in his head.

2. The dramatic fist drop. He then told me he was using the dramatic fist drop in lieu of saying “dammit” because he had forgotten something in the car.

3. The “nothing special happened” comment after Aunt J and I showed up early and we meandered through the afternoon at B&N which ended in not one but TWO goodies (and that isn’t even counting the chocolate milk).

4. Sledding like a professional on the second try ever in his life.

I find that more and more right now I think of the idea of a child’s soul choosing his/her parents. My boy is a great fit for me.