I missed it this morning but apparently some poor guy got hired to fly a hot air balloon over the snow covered plains around here. I’m grateful I’m not that guy.

I’m glad I’m not a graduated cast member of Glee whose story lines are short, hamfisted, and insane.

I’m glad that Sheldon exists on The Big Bang Theory and that Jim Parsons was chosen to play him because he is brilliant.

A woman I know is having alterations made to her body right.now. by a surgeon who is trying to save her life. I’m grateful the stars have aligned that she can get what she needs, when she needs it, with support.

I love the way that I view and interpret the world. I love that I am here right now, and there later, and those are both different from the place I was before.

I feel really strongly that my sense of perspective is one of the things that I need to protect most. I’ve not always been good at it but every time I get another chance to try is an opportunity to try and do better.

I am smiling today.