Plan Your Run
Run Your Plan
Fuck That Shit.

Workout & exercise stuff ahead…

I have a goal between now and the end of February, so much of a goal that I have an insane, color-coded excel sheet to help me keep track of how I am doing and trying to take on the goal in manageable bites.

It is doable, even pleasantly sized at the moment but it won’t take many days of missing things to make it enormous and out of reach quickly. Today, I needed to bike and walk/run. I needed to do other stuff that related to my life first, but then I had “planned my run” for the afternoon.

I didn’t want it. Not even close. What I wanted was to shred every ab muscle I have (honestly, it is one of my favorite gym activities). So mainly what I did was shred muscle with a little biking thrown in to catch my breath every once in awhile. No time on the treadmill or the track (I do want to recoup that over the rest of the week).

I sat down at my computer to watch my bike numbers move a little on the excel sheet, and I felt a little bummed that I didn’t at least do something on the treadmill. Then I tried to scoot in the chair and my abs screamed at me … and I felt better.

This. My friends. Is why I don’t have nice things, but I can find day to day happiness.

My long-range goal gets booted over and over again for the sensation of the moment. I have a lot of day to day happiness.