Ultimately I liked it, and my 4.5 yo son made it through with minimal damage and no parental editing. Still, is Jan 9 and I have only watched the episode three times so my views are not quite finalized.

They obviously are pulling out quite a long story line with Clara, which is fine and makes it fun. I am interested to see how they will sustain interest since they telegraphed it so early in (unlike, say, TheDoctorDonna). I hope someone has told them that the dying every episode wears thin quickly (see also: Rory, and Kenny from South Park). She’s cute, I like her.

I like the highly flirtatious nature of Clara and I will be happy to see that continue but I need to see how that enmeshes with River Song – or better yet, perhaps we will see them together. I like the moments where the Doctor is caught off guard.

Like many others, I was nervous about Matt Smith for a lot of reasons, and Tennant is still My Doctor – but I will say that for such a young man Smith can turn on the look of impossibly old and sad better than I would have imagined. Tennant can do “anger of the ages” well, but Smith has “I am soooooo old” down pat.