I am insanely close to the end of my graduate degree.

I thought it would feel different than it does, and maybe it will when it is all over with. Graduate school has been squeezed in around the edges of a busy life, it has been online and without the great bonding of actual classroom work (which is also why I got the degree I wanted instead of one that was close by and close enough).

Like my graduate level certificate before it, it has been (with one exception) far easier than what I did as an undergraduate. With more experience under my belt, it doesn’t feel as Mission Critical to a Successful Life as my undergrad did (which was a BA in History for crying out loud). It was a bucket list item, and now I’ve nearly got it.

I want to celebrate it, because I did get a grad degree while being married, working, and parenting a (very) young child — but — I am so underwhelmed by the feeling of finishing so far throwing a celebration seems out of place.

Kind of like throwing a party because I managed to get my pixie haircut trimmed on a regular basis.

I’m not sure how it will turn out in the end – but at least the end is near.