My husband grew up playing games with his family. There was a lot of variety in the games they played and it is a general wonderful hunk of memories for him. I didn’t play with my folks as much – sure, some Sorry and Clue from time to time but it wasn’t a big deal for us.

Pre-marital counseling should include game play along with religion, money, and children as things to be discussed in a structured environment before marriage.

As we dated, I learned a couple of games that I mainly played to be attractive. In my mind games were something to do with your hands while you talked. Turns out that other people play games in a different way –– by the rules. They play to win. It is serious business with some fun thrown in along the way.

We have introduced Jeff to games from fairly early on, with my husband generally taking the lead. We started out choosing age appropriate classics and trying to play those….

Now I am a good mom. I get down on the floor. A couple of weeks ago I spent an hour on the floor pretending to be my kid’s puppy. But lord’amighty a classic and appropriately aged children’s game is going to be the END OF ME.

Then I found Tabletop.

Wil Wheaton (who I have come to believe is the voice of my generation) hosts a show where they play tabletop games.




I am finding games that fit my family. We play Tsuro without modification with a 4 year old. We play Ticket To Ride (l-rdy that one was expensive) with modification for Jeff. Still, with the modification he played for about 75 minutes straight last week!

I am only making suggestions for games I think I want to play too, and I’ve got some more on my wish list that look good. It is changing my vision of what games can be, and what they can be for my family. That is a lot of fun.