I cannot guarantee this clue free …

So that was the big show, with every established couple in turmoil. Some random stresses, some normal stress, some reasonable endings, and some KA-BOOM! Easy stuff first, the songs were well performed and appropriate (except maybe Santana’s where her delivery made up for me thinking “What?”).

The rest is hard to talk about and keep it spoiler free, but one man was acting waaaay out of character, well, two maybe. In the first case, the storyline has opened up and it might be more interesting but it also feels more forced. In the second case, it was such a random ’bout of jackass behavior that it caught me by surprise.

I’m sad that they need to do the MLB time-out now, because it worked as a cliffhanger. I am also sad that they are going to spend the next show (where they do the fall musical) trying to make me care about the new cast members. They all seem lovely, but they are not who I am invested in. I also think they are plotting a bit of temporary switch-o-roo which is SUCH a reach.

I wish they would have been able to spin off the graduates into their own show, I quietly hope that with another graduating class that maybe they will be able to do it next year.