I have two shows that I watch. Glee and Doctor Who. This week they both went into fall break and cracked or ended relationships that I have really enjoyed.

Another thing that happened this week is that two of my family members went into the hospital for non-critical but they are still in their 80s so it is no cake-walk either things. I am closer to one than to the other, but they are both weighing on my mind a lot.

I am taking detours to track down beautiful trees, so that I don’t miss them, and so the pictures that I take can maybe get turned into watercolors as I become a stronger painter (wow, look at that – I seem to have a plan to keep doing this???).

I am three weeks away from the end of my master’s degree, and the big push for my papers is starting.

Fall always feels like a gathering time, more clothing, heavier food, more time inside. It is also a trigger for great memories because most of the great loves of my life have begun in the fall – perhaps, in part – because I look great in fall colors.

So yeah, it is fall, time is relentless and fast-footed, it triggers the same things every year and every year I embrace it with a tiny sense of loss.