I’ve been mulling over for months what I do that creatively feeds me. I’ve been willing to think of Doctor Who, Glee, and David Attenborough as hobbies because those are the shows I watch in my free time (I am also rediscovering Alton Brown – JOY!).

I suspect that for parents of 4-year olds, the idea of hobbies is somewhat of a myth. I’m not a person that can get lost in a pleasure activity and also be listening with one ear open for the next pressing question about Spiderman.

Here is where my husband would interrupt and clearly signal that I have lost my mind because I work, I am finishing my Master’s in 5 weeks, I exercise sporadically, and ultimately we are having a two-year long plan’o’thon for our long long vacation (LLV) and return. Still, my mind likes to be busy.

For example – In my mind I have been planning a bedroom re-do for a couple of years now, I spent a couple of nights in the best hotel room I’ll ever stay in and I’ve been thinking about how to recreate at least some of that after LLV.

About a week ago my son and I were outside with his watercolors and I discovered I could do something related to the bedroom re-do.

A couple of days after that I went to the store and bought real, grown-up, watercolor paints (in a kit, with words). I’ve played some, I plan on playing some tonight. I’ve had to use meditation tricks of just noticing what my brain is saying and then sending the thought away, but I’m playing. It is interesting. It is approachable. It doesn’t have a screen.

I may be onto something here.