Is it possible that the Doctor hasn’t told Amy & Rory ANYTHING about his actions earlier in his life? How is it that only the viewer can see the glaring, guilt-ridden, extreme similarities between the Doctor and the doctor? I just don’t understand.

It was pretty. Letting Amy’s looks mature suits her, and the American West suits Matt Smith well. The story was well written and played out nicely. All in all, it was a nice way to spend 42 minutes.

After 4 days, I still haven’t gone back to watch parts yet, it isn’t sticking with me. Even as I write this I can’t really identify parts I want to re-watch, except for maybe, “This is what happens when you travel alone for too long.” I just want to watch Amy & Rory right now, the sensation of them moving away and wanting to cherish my time with them is more interesting than any goofy reason to put the Doctor in a Stetson.

Moffat has said (in another interview I cannot relocate – I need a better system) that this series isn’t going to have any two-part episodes. He also said that they are all going to be “movie big”. I’m a little bit disappointed about that because those are both very limiting qualities to impose. The lack of two-part episodes really limits the suspense that can be built up and making them big limits the intimacy. For me, I love Doctor Who when it is intensely human and scary … I haven’t seen that yet this series.

Upcoming this week – the Doctor is Wacky! Oi Spaceman.