I didn’t have as much anticipation for this one as I did for the Doctor Who opener, which was a good thing. Lots of ground to cover and story lines to put a bow on (Make Change?) but not a bad start.

Burt Hummel continues to be the most awesome TV dad ever, his humanity is amazing and I suspect he’ll be around less this season but DAMN I enjoy him.

As for WMHS & NYADA – it is going to be tough to figure out how to follow everybody, but I hope they can pull it off. I would be ok with fewer comments about Joe’s hair, I suspect he actually has a personality that could use some revealing.

I am overly sensitive about the Klaine storyline – but the hug was the wrong PDA to display. Given that it was the most romantic gesture of any character in the episode I suppose it gets some sort of credit – but I still want them to do better.