Steven Moffat poses an interesting question in an interview that I cannot relocate. He wonders why the Doctor never visits former companions. It is a good question, but looking at the reboot companions most of the answers are fairly obvious.

He is answering part of the question as the Ponds wind down, and the relationship between the Doctor and Amy & Rory is obviously changing. I like that he is exploring the question but I can’t say that using dinosaurs in space is the adventure to really start delving into it. Mainly, it is my faith in Moffat and Co. that keeps me from entertaining the idea that the Doctor has jumped the shark (at least not entertaining the idea for long).

There isn’t much worth spoiling about the episode, but I do want to share a conversation I had about the show with my 4-year old. In general I have watched an episode before he does so we can skip the spooky parts but this one looked fluffy enough we just dove right on in. At the end of the day he called me into his room and said, “The next time we watch a Doctor Who and a [redacted] dies, it is not a show a 4-year old should see.”

Duly noted dude.