The season premiere of Glee is coming up and I am really excited about it.  I prefer Klaine story lines and I know those will be few and far between this season but before I go ahead and just look joyfully forward I have two things I need to say:

1.  Dear Glee producers etc – the cute hand holding and quick kisses of Finnchal and Brittana also work for Klaine.  It is what high schoolers do.  Please quit over thinking Klaine and just let the two professionals playing the characters act like two teenagers in love.

2.  Dear Mr Schuester – YOU are the reason that Kurt didn’t get into NYADA. YOU!  A kid with aspirations and chops and the only competition solo he gets is with the Warblers?  SHAME ON YOU!

Yep, they are fictional, it doesn’t matter.  Characters are created to illicit emotion, and Kurt (along with Klaine) mean a lot to me.

Whew.  Ok.  NOW – Bring on the premiere!