August is a power month in this house.  This year, of the thirty-one days our house had something non-normal happening eighteen of them.  It is a total joyful, celebrating insane madhouse that left us all pretty breathless.


Through it all I was the manic organizer.  Two birthdays, school supplies, party supplies, two of us having simultaneous first days of school, while the third had his last day of summer camp.  It was a lot, no doubt, but all of the clarity and organizational directness that a person has while running away from an avalanche – one bad step and it is all going wrong.


Which is not, in any means, a way of saying that this magic happened at my hand alone.  My husband and mom were right in it too with planning and surprises and support that kept them moving at a fast clip as well.


Then the first of September arrived and ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, I have all of the buzziness of the adrenaline and all of the fuzziness of not quite having a direction to point it in.  There is still a lot to do, things small and large, which require near-immediate attention, but I cannot, for the life of me, keep track of what they are or figure out what I am supposed to do first.


I crave a return to normal life at this point (even in this abnormal year), but soon I need to calm my mind, make a list, and start to re-center myself a little bit.  I’m not useful when I have this much energy and no sense of direction.  I drop balls, usually the stupid and embarrassing ones.