I don’t have a spoiler policy yet, but there is a good chance this has some.


There is a limit to how great a show can be in comparison to the level of expectation that comes from waiting for a new season of Doctor Who.  I am not the biggest Matt Smith fan, although he certainly does a wonderful “tortured old-soul”, and so I still often wish I could see  David Tennant playing the scenes*.  The plastic crayon Daleks just straight pissed me off when they appeared on the scene.  So … I admit I was going to be a tough sell.






It was nice to see an evolution in the Daleks, but there is a chance they’ve been neutered and while I know that can’t be true, it would also be such a loss.  I’m waiting for Moffat to show me what his plan is because he obviously has one.


Rory & Amy are leaving, and they have had a great run.  Rory has easily become one of my favorite companions; which is saying something because in Series 5 if I could have evaporated him with the sheer power of my mind I would have.  This episode though, meh, too much bouncing around to make use of the idea of the Pond Life lead in and to add some tension to the opener.  It must be a tough line to walk because anybody who cares already knows they are leaving but still you need to write a good show.


As for the teaser for next week… really????  It looks like I’m going into 7:2 as a skeptic again.


*Tom Baker is my Doctor but David Tennant is as well.  I know you never forget your first, but given the gap they both kind of qualify.