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I may need a hobby tab?

I headed out this morning with camera in hand trying to catch some of the beautiful blue sky, fall colors, and with a little bit of a plan.

With a quick stop at Walgreens for printing I came home and set up the watercolors and gave it a try. I had taken some pictures intentionally out of focus to help think about what I was seeing instead of what I expected. It helped a lot.

It is starter, but it is a fun starter. I had to just keep repeating … just wait for it.

I like learning, but I hate looking like a beginner. It isn’t an easy balance, but it is something I am willing to take a stab at improving.

OK, now we are getting somewhere! The intimacy that has been missing so far this season gets rectified a little bit. I’m happy to see that the Doctor and Amy have maintained the quirks of their personal attractions and friendships over all this time.

The Doctor has a great moment when he explains why he keeps coming back. I make no bones about the fact that I remain lukewarm on Matt Smith as the Doctor, but it is a line only he could deliver.

As for the plot … eh. I am starting to wonder if I am suffering from alien burn out. There are a limited number of ways to make scary aliens in the end.

Now next week, that is a whole different story. I have high high hopes for next week. Rory & Amy depart via the best aliens EVER. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

I’ve been mulling over for months what I do that creatively feeds me. I’ve been willing to think of Doctor Who, Glee, and David Attenborough as hobbies because those are the shows I watch in my free time (I am also rediscovering Alton Brown – JOY!).

I suspect that for parents of 4-year olds, the idea of hobbies is somewhat of a myth. I’m not a person that can get lost in a pleasure activity and also be listening with one ear open for the next pressing question about Spiderman.

Here is where my husband would interrupt and clearly signal that I have lost my mind because I work, I am finishing my Master’s in 5 weeks, I exercise sporadically, and ultimately we are having a two-year long plan’o’thon for our long long vacation (LLV) and return. Still, my mind likes to be busy.

For example – In my mind I have been planning a bedroom re-do for a couple of years now, I spent a couple of nights in the best hotel room I’ll ever stay in and I’ve been thinking about how to recreate at least some of that after LLV.

About a week ago my son and I were outside with his watercolors and I discovered I could do something related to the bedroom re-do.

A couple of days after that I went to the store and bought real, grown-up, watercolor paints (in a kit, with words). I’ve played some, I plan on playing some tonight. I’ve had to use meditation tricks of just noticing what my brain is saying and then sending the thought away, but I’m playing. It is interesting. It is approachable. It doesn’t have a screen.

I may be onto something here.

I think it is important to just go ahead and say that this isn’t working so far. The New York set up with Rachel & Kurt is, there is a chance that will balance out well but the 15 second visits by other graduates. I hope that ends soon.

There was almost nothing I liked about this episode, maybe a line here or there. The Brittany songbook just isn’t big enough to warrant two shows.

Because of my personal TV situation I pay cash money for these episodes. Right now I say that they have about 2 left that I will buy without hesitation and then they need to have this season figured out and moving in some direction. After that I’ll pick up the ones that other people find somehow redeeming.

Is it possible that the Doctor hasn’t told Amy & Rory ANYTHING about his actions earlier in his life? How is it that only the viewer can see the glaring, guilt-ridden, extreme similarities between the Doctor and the doctor? I just don’t understand.

It was pretty. Letting Amy’s looks mature suits her, and the American West suits Matt Smith well. The story was well written and played out nicely. All in all, it was a nice way to spend 42 minutes.

After 4 days, I still haven’t gone back to watch parts yet, it isn’t sticking with me. Even as I write this I can’t really identify parts I want to re-watch, except for maybe, “This is what happens when you travel alone for too long.” I just want to watch Amy & Rory right now, the sensation of them moving away and wanting to cherish my time with them is more interesting than any goofy reason to put the Doctor in a Stetson.

Moffat has said (in another interview I cannot relocate – I need a better system) that this series isn’t going to have any two-part episodes. He also said that they are all going to be “movie big”. I’m a little bit disappointed about that because those are both very limiting qualities to impose. The lack of two-part episodes really limits the suspense that can be built up and making them big limits the intimacy. For me, I love Doctor Who when it is intensely human and scary … I haven’t seen that yet this series.

Upcoming this week – the Doctor is Wacky! Oi Spaceman.

Have you ever noticed that you can build up a day and make it special by giving it a name? Today I went to a family Chicken Day! where the family got together and, unsurprisingly, ate chicken. Done in the turkey deep fryer, but still, mainly a day for the family to get together and share a meal.

I remember a day about 7 years ago when a nephew handed a foam sword to his 3 year old cousin and yelled “HIT ME!” – and his training began. It was funny and perfect.

Everyone assumed that the younger cousin was the last, it made sense. I was widowed, the two families with children had announced they were done, and the other two families showed no interest in having kids. He would be the last sword fighter of the family.

Then along came my son, late to the clan, and rarely available. Although loved and accepted in the family he missed out on some times that weren’t ever going to return.

Still, he is of an age where swords are great and 10 days ago we purchased three swords to bring to Chicken Day. I alerted one of his aunts that the sword wielding cousins were going to be brought into service again, out of fear that at 17 and 14 they would be too old for it if it came as a surprise.

We arrived at Chicken Day! first and put the swords behind the chair at the head of the stairs. Not long after the cousins arrived and before they got up the stairs Jeff was showing them the swords…

I don’t know when I’ll put these last bits of fear aside and trust in their love completely …

It was 30 minutes before the boys came up the stairs. They went straight into the basement and the training began. Then the all out sword extravaganza. They came up for snacks, and eventually for chicken (Chicken!) but they spent the day with my son. They played and laughed and smiled and were absolutely wonderful with him.

I suppose, to be fair, I should point out they didn’t sword fight the whole time. For awhile my husband had a long, engaged, conversation with the 17 year-old nephew about physics.

It was great.

I didn’t have as much anticipation for this one as I did for the Doctor Who opener, which was a good thing. Lots of ground to cover and story lines to put a bow on (Make Change?) but not a bad start.

Burt Hummel continues to be the most awesome TV dad ever, his humanity is amazing and I suspect he’ll be around less this season but DAMN I enjoy him.

As for WMHS & NYADA – it is going to be tough to figure out how to follow everybody, but I hope they can pull it off. I would be ok with fewer comments about Joe’s hair, I suspect he actually has a personality that could use some revealing.

I am overly sensitive about the Klaine storyline – but the hug was the wrong PDA to display. Given that it was the most romantic gesture of any character in the episode I suppose it gets some sort of credit – but I still want them to do better.

Steven Moffat poses an interesting question in an interview that I cannot relocate. He wonders why the Doctor never visits former companions. It is a good question, but looking at the reboot companions most of the answers are fairly obvious.

He is answering part of the question as the Ponds wind down, and the relationship between the Doctor and Amy & Rory is obviously changing. I like that he is exploring the question but I can’t say that using dinosaurs in space is the adventure to really start delving into it. Mainly, it is my faith in Moffat and Co. that keeps me from entertaining the idea that the Doctor has jumped the shark (at least not entertaining the idea for long).

There isn’t much worth spoiling about the episode, but I do want to share a conversation I had about the show with my 4-year old. In general I have watched an episode before he does so we can skip the spooky parts but this one looked fluffy enough we just dove right on in. At the end of the day he called me into his room and said, “The next time we watch a Doctor Who and a [redacted] dies, it is not a show a 4-year old should see.”

Duly noted dude.

The season premiere of Glee is coming up and I am really excited about it.  I prefer Klaine story lines and I know those will be few and far between this season but before I go ahead and just look joyfully forward I have two things I need to say:

1.  Dear Glee producers etc – the cute hand holding and quick kisses of Finnchal and Brittana also work for Klaine.  It is what high schoolers do.  Please quit over thinking Klaine and just let the two professionals playing the characters act like two teenagers in love.

2.  Dear Mr Schuester – YOU are the reason that Kurt didn’t get into NYADA. YOU!  A kid with aspirations and chops and the only competition solo he gets is with the Warblers?  SHAME ON YOU!

Yep, they are fictional, it doesn’t matter.  Characters are created to illicit emotion, and Kurt (along with Klaine) mean a lot to me.

Whew.  Ok.  NOW – Bring on the premiere!

August is a power month in this house.  This year, of the thirty-one days our house had something non-normal happening eighteen of them.  It is a total joyful, celebrating insane madhouse that left us all pretty breathless.


Through it all I was the manic organizer.  Two birthdays, school supplies, party supplies, two of us having simultaneous first days of school, while the third had his last day of summer camp.  It was a lot, no doubt, but all of the clarity and organizational directness that a person has while running away from an avalanche – one bad step and it is all going wrong.


Which is not, in any means, a way of saying that this magic happened at my hand alone.  My husband and mom were right in it too with planning and surprises and support that kept them moving at a fast clip as well.


Then the first of September arrived and ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you, I have all of the buzziness of the adrenaline and all of the fuzziness of not quite having a direction to point it in.  There is still a lot to do, things small and large, which require near-immediate attention, but I cannot, for the life of me, keep track of what they are or figure out what I am supposed to do first.


I crave a return to normal life at this point (even in this abnormal year), but soon I need to calm my mind, make a list, and start to re-center myself a little bit.  I’m not useful when I have this much energy and no sense of direction.  I drop balls, usually the stupid and embarrassing ones.