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Now, it is 2012.  Nobody starts a blog thinking it is some sort of private online diary.  It is a tool to share with, Twitter in long form (@HeatherSlutzky !).

Like others I have hopes and dreams for my life and my blog so I’ll just go ahead and put my dreams out there.

1.  That this incarnation of allonsee (it isn’t the first), survives infancy.  There have been a couple before that have not.

2.  That in it’s teenage years it finds a community of people who share and are engaged and good folks.

3.  Then, of course, in the middle of the night I dream of making money.  But not yet, not on the second post.  Or at least getting a book deal, where I could tour the north east by lovely train in the fall.  Or, you know, something.

Around my birthday.

I’m doing it again.  Hello.